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Ariel Walk-in Tubs11 minute read

11 minute read


Updated for July, 2019

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Some walk-in tub brands focus on the top end of the market, offering luxury models that provide all the features of an expensive bath or whirlpool. Others companies have chosen to position themselves on the lower end, offering basic features and functionality at much lower price points than their competitors. Ariel, a well-known producer of bathroom fixtures, offers a line of fiberglass-over-steel walk-in tubs aimed at the lower end of the market, with three different packages, from a simple soaker up to a combination air spa and whirlpool model. While these tubs don’t offer all the features of some walk-in tubs, they do offer the features consumers want most, and, depending on the retailer, they provide these features at highly economical prices.

At a Glance

A checklist of standard walk-in tub features.
Soaker Air Dual
Our rating 3.7 3.7 3.7
Price* $1900 - $2400 $2200 - $2700 $2700 - $3500
Low entry threshold standard standard standard
Push button controls n/a standard standard
Built-in safety bar standard standard standard
Textured bath surfaces standard standard standard
Wheelchair accessible
Spa standard standard
Whirlpool/Hydrotherapy standard
*Price can vary by supplier, and special deals are often available. Contact a supplier or installer for a personalized quote.

“Very happy with this Ariel walk-in tub. It does all it said it would and looks great. We installed it for my elderly mother and the hydrotherapy is so good for her arthritis. Excellent buy.”


“We love the tub. It is well built and very solid. It has a powerful whirlpool/heater which is very therapeutic. The air tub can work in conjunction with the whirlpool/heater but can operate by itself depending on your preference. The tub is quite comfortable and takes a short time to fill.”


“We bought this tub for my mom who needed a bathroom makeover urgently. This tub was the best price and the best product we found. It was easy to install and has a lot of amenities my mom loves. Thanks!”