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Best Walkers with Seats/Rollators with Seats

If you’re a senior or live with limited mobility and have a minimalist, basic walker you might miss out on the advantages of a rollator. A rollator, or rolling walker, can offer seniors more natural movement, more nimble maneuvering, and an easier time covering outdoor terrain. Whether you are researching rolling walkers with seats, walkers with seats and brakes, or heavy duty rolling walkers, we’ve sorted through some of the best.

Read on and uncover our top ten picks of these beneficial mobility aids.

Choosing the right foldable cane seat is an important decision because it is something that you should be able to use for a while.

Before you decide on a rolling walker, you’ll want to bear a few things in mind. Beyond just your budget, there are some crucial factors to consider when picking out a rollator. This is an essential device for senior safety, so it’s worth taking the time to review the following.


The stability of your rolling walker is of utmost importance, considering this is what this particular mobility was designed for in the first place. Having a stable, durable device to assist your walking is vital. Stability in a rolling walker comes in a few forms, however. Beyond just strong bars to hold you up, you need to consider some added stability issues.


With some rollators, you will only have the option of “quick stop” brakes. These will allow you to pause as long as you hold the hand brakes but will release as soon as you let up. If you want the option of fully braking the rolling mechanism, look for locking brakes, flip-down pedal brakes, or consider the two-wheel model.

Number of Wheels

While all but one of the options we’ve listed have four wheels, that two-wheel model is worth considering if you are more concerned about being able to fully brake and stability, rather than maneuverability. Keep in mind, the more stable your rolling walker is, generally means the less maneuverable it will be. However, this is ideal for some seniors.

Weight Capacity

It goes without saying that a walker should be able to hold you up without concerns of it breaking or getting wobbly. However, with rollators, you usually have the option of a seat to rest on when you need it. So, weight capacity can be even more of an issue with these types of walkers. If you’re concerned at all about a rollator being able to hold you up, look for a steel frame and avoid the lighter aluminum models. For heavier individuals, a bariatric version or the heavy duty favorite we listed is an excellent choice.

Choosing the right foldable cane seat is an important decision because it is something that you should be able to use for a while.

If you need to carry items such as a small oxygen tank with you, it’s smart to look for a rollator with a basket or storage pouch underneath. For oxygen tanks, a basket can be a fantastic choice because it’s easier to see the levels of your tank at a glance, rather than removing the tank from an enclosed storage pouch.

However, if items such as medications are something you need to bring with you, a pouch can be a better option, as you don’t have to worry about small bottles falling through the wires of a basket and the bags will afford you more privacy with your medicine.

Be sure to contemplate precisely what kind of use your rollator will get before your purchase one. Measure doorways you’ll need to get through and compare that with the width of any model you look at. Think about whether you’ll need your rolling walker to fold down to fit in a car or for storage. That won’t be necessary for some people. Likewise, consider how often you might take it outside and how that will affect your braking needs and the size and type of wheels you want. With these 10 excellent options, there is bound to be a rollator that works well for you.