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HomeWell Senior Care Review9 minute read

9 minute read


Updated for December, 2018

Services & Organization
Consumer Reviews

Some home care companies specialize in various levels and types of care, but others provide a broader range of services. Visiting Angels Home Care is one such company, offering a full spectrum of companion and personal care, as well as specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, for seniors at the end of life, and for family caregivers who need a break from their duties. And they offer all their clients programs designed to boost their social engagement and reduce the risk of hospital readmission. For those looking for a broad spectrum of care in order to ensure continuity throughout the aging process, Visiting Angels is a good bet.

  • Offers specialized programs for Alzheimer’s and end-of-life care
  • Provides transitional care specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of readmission to the hospital
  • Offers a social care program that boosts seniors’ social engagement
  • Doesn’t offer skilled nursing care

End-of-Life Care

Services Offered

  • Companionship
  • Medication reminders
  • Grooming/hygiene
  • Transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Errands
  • Shopping
  • Mobility assistance
  • Feeding
  • Toileting
  • Live-in care
  • 24-hour care

HomeWell Senior Care Review

Seniors who want to stay in their own homes throughout the aging process often call on home care agencies for help with the basics of living at times when the challenges of age or injury threaten their ability to perform essential daily activities. By providing companion care services like house cleaning and transportation, and by providing personal care services like help with feeding or hygiene, home care agencies allow seniors to live independently while staying in the neighborhoods and communities they love.

Nurse Next Door’s services include both companion and personal care, and the company also offers even higher level nursing care as well, all in the service of allowing seniors and their families the safety and connection of aging at home.

HomeWell was founded in 2002, and began to expand via franchising in 2003. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, it’s one of the smaller home care franchises in the US, with around 60 locations. While most locations are independently owned, franchises tend to influence the standards and practices of their franchisees, and in order to get a sense of HomeWell’s offices from the inside, we had a look at employee reviews from around the country as posted on employee rating sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. We found that HomeWell had the highest employee ratings of all the home care companies we’ve reviewed, and more than nine out of ten employees reviewing the company on Glassdoor said that they’d recommend HomeWell to their peers looking for work, which speaks volumes about the corporate culture—and suggests that clients can expect more longevity and less turnover than usual among their caregivers.



“Excellent place to work, and I will recommend it to another person. There is a chance for career development. The management are lovely and give opportunity for junior staff to grow.”

Sharonville, OH (via Indeed)

“This company sincerely cares about the client and the employee. They take extra steps to see the client’s needs are being met. They offer a wealth of continuing education for the employee.” 

Denver, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Great environment to work at. Very nice and respectful. I love working with the clients I’ve been assigned, they’re sweet and loving.” 

Columbus, OH (via Indeed)

Consumer Reviews Rating

Like almost all home care companies, HomeWell offers a full range of companion care services, including medication reminders, transportation help, help with laundry and light housekeeping, and meal planning and preparation.

Personal Care

In line with many of its competitors, HomeWell also provides some higher level personal care services to people who need help with day-to-day activities like feeding and grooming or hygiene. The company doesn’t go beyond this, but it does cover all the basic types of care that most of its competitors offer.

Hourly Care

Most companies base their care plans on single visits during the day, but HomeWell offers hourly care options, including custom plans that can be implemented around the clock and adjusted based on the client’s individual needs.

Couples Care

In a similar vein, HomeWell also offers care tailored specifically for couples with an understanding that seniors living together may have different needs and concerns than seniors living alone.

The LEAP Program

As part of their companion care offerings, HomeWell promotes its LEAP program, which assess the client’s capabilities so the caregiver can offer a selection of hobbies and activities that will boost the client’s involvement and stimulate mental functioning.

“I spoke with several in home care companies for the care of my Mom and was very impressed with HomeWell Senior Care’s A+ rating. And after speaking with them, we hired them. Their rates were very competitive and I like that they communicate with us regularly. Not only is Mom doing better but we are doing much better too knowing Mom is being taking care of so well.”

Carlsbad, CA (via Google)

“Love the people you work with and the clients you serve!”

Westerville, OH (via Indeed)

“I want to let people know that the service that HomeWell Senior Care has provided has been beyond what I could have asked for when my great uncle’s illness progressed. I called HomeWell and [they] took the time to really find out what our needs were and [they] staffed us with the perfect person. They truly care about their clients.” 

Kirkland, WA (via Facebook)

Value Rating

Almost all home care companies operate as franchises, and since each office operates independently, online reviews from around the country may not give you an accurate impression of your local branch. It’s always essential to get as much word of mouth about a potential agency as you can, and to ask for references and talk to current clients before you choose the provider you want to work with. That said, taking a broad look at online reviews can reveal trends among a franchise’s offices. That’s what we’ve done with consumer reviews of HomeWell: we gathered over 100 reviews of offices around the country and came up with a weighted rating for customer service of 5 out of 5 stars, one of the highest we’ve seen in our look at home care agencies. And we found the following trends in our survey of customer comments:

Service Batting a Thousand

Usually our survey will come across at least one or two complaints about caregivers, but not in the case of HomeWell. The vast majority of clients of all companies like their caregivers, but to come across no complaints in a random sample—and to get the number of reviews specifically praising caregivers’ compassion and competence that we found among the reviews we surveyed—is a significant achievement and bodes well for the quality of care HomeWell offers.

Same Goes for Office Staff

HomeWell customers also had good experiences with office and administrative staff, and both caregivers and office staff also won praise for their professionalism, specifically for their willingness to keep lines of communication open between caregivers, administrators, family members, and health care providers.

Trust and Dependability

Reliability is key for home care workers: no one wants to have their help show up late or not at all, and no one wants to feel that the people looking after their loved ones require supervision by family members. Here again, HomeWell stands out: many of the reviews we surveyed specifically mention how clients and their families felt they could rely on their caregivers to provide needed services even without being asked, and there were no complaints about punctuality, missed shifts, or issues with scheduling.

Costs in home care can vary based on the area where the care is being provided, based on the type of care needed, and sometimes on the amount of care the client is likely to need. And since franchised locations are independently owned and operated, they set their own rates based on these factors. Still, it can be useful to look at costs across locations in order to get a sense of any trends among the offices run by a franchised company. In order to do this with HomeWell, we got in touch with HomeWell locations around the country and compared their rates with the local median rate as provided in the Genworth Financial Cost of Care study.

Based on this survey, we found that HomeWell’s locations tended to charge a little above the local median in their locations, though certainly in line with their local competitors. Policies around the rates charged also tend to vary, though most locations will charge more for weekend shifts, and may charge less if they’re called on to provide a large number of hours of care during the week. Locations also tended not to require a minimum visit length, but would sometimes require clients to receive a minimum number of hours of care each week, in keeping with HomeWell’s more flexible approach to senior care.

Some home care companies offer a variety of specialty services to their clients, but others pitch themselves as focusing on the basics of home care, on the companionship and personal services that make up the bulk of the industry’s work. Among these more focused companies, HomeWell Senior Care stands out: many of their special features focus on quality of service, such as offering care specifically for couples, customized care plans that offer care both day and night, and a commitment to provide service on the day the client makes contact. This focus, combined with one of the strongest records of client satisfaction we’ve encountered, makes HomeWell Senior Care worth looking at if you’re seeking home care services.