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At AginginPlace.org, we strive to make that desire a reality for more people by helping seniors, their family members and their caregivers prepare their homes and their lives for successful aging in place.

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Your Complete Buyer’s Guide to Accessible Bathing—From Bath Strips to Walk-In Tubs

As one gets older, bathing can become a complicated issue, especially if one has medical concerns. In this guide we look at all the ways to modify your bathroom to keep you independent.

Medical Alert Devices

A Complete Guide to Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide peace of mind for caregivers and assured safety for seniors who may be living independently or aging in place alone. Learn everything you need to know about medical alerty systems before making a purchase.

Stairlift for disabled

Stairlifts: A Comprehensive Guide

For people who live in homes with more than one story, not being able to use the stairs can make aging in place difficult or even dangerous. Learn more in this guide about stairlifts.

Kitchen of the Future: Remodeling for Comfortable Aging in Place

Remodeling a kitchen for senior living doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of everything you should take into account when modifying a kitchen, including organization, safety and convenience. Read on to learn more about a kitchen for senior living.

Elderly couple writing will

What Is An Advance Directive?

What happens if you become unable to discuss the type of care you would like to receive with your healthcare providers? An advance directive document will provide clear directions.

Best alarm clocks for seniors

Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors and the Elderly

Alarm clocks are essential for those aging in place who need to stay on a schedule. Read our review to find out which alarm clock is right for you.

In-Home Care Reviews

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